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Kostka Jozef

*1912 Stupava - †1996 Bratislava

Significant founder of Slovak modern sculpture. His creation is from large part figurative, strong influence of Ján Koniarek is to feel. Transformation took place in creation – harmonizing perspective of Kostka sculptures was disrupted and disharmonious tragic feelings begin to dominate. Especially, in the sixties of the 20th century he tended to antetype forms of abstraction followed by Constantine Brâncuşi message. In this part of Kostka creation a sense for material and sensitive lyrical study of the process of plastic creation is shown. He is the creator of many memorials, e.g. Victory Monument for Bratislava 1945 – 1949, Monument of Slovak National Uprising in Partizánske 1946 – 1949.  

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Fero Bohunický
29.3.2018 at 6.0 pm


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