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Jan Koniarek

There is no nobler mission in the world as the role of artist in the nation.
Providence itself identified him to immortalize his nation in pain,
happiness and misery to reveal its core, to penetrate into the most secret
folds of his higher life, to become a living conscience of his family…

Ján Koniarek: Sculptor and nation, 1937

1878 - Ján Koniarek was born on 30th January 1878 in Voderady (near Trnava) in the family of teacher František Koniarek and Mária (born Csaszná)
1894 - 1897 - study at the Arts and Crafts School in Budapest
1897 - 1906 - studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, in Budapest (prof. Alojz Štróbl) and in Munich (prof.W. von Rühmann)
1906 - 1914 - transmigration to Serbia (Belgrade), pedagogue and participant in the artistic life
1912 - 1918 - volunteer in the Balkan War, soldier in World War I, injured (1915)
1918 - return to Voderady (to sister)
1924 - transmigration to Trnava, first studio in the area of Sessler factory, later house with studio on Šaštinkova (today Trstínska) street
1924 - realization of the Monument of M. R. Štefánik in Trnava
1929 - Monument of Ján Hollý in Borský Mikuláš and supreme work Monument for the Victims of the World War I in Trnava
1931 - 1933 - memorandum relief on the Lutheran parsonage building in Martin
1936 - 1937 - Monument of Anton Bernolák in Trnava and Monument of dr. Pavol Blaha in Skalica
1937 - published text Sculptor and nation in the Slovak views
1942 - 23rd Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy
1939 - 1943 - lecturer for modelling on the Art Department of the Slovak Technical University
1944 - first monograph from Karol Vaculík: Koniarek
1949 - last dated sculpture: Study of a sitting L.N. Tolstoj
1952 - Ján Koniarek died on 4th May 1952 in Trnava where he is buried on the New cemetery
1953 - first retrospective exhibition in the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava
1978 - the District Gallery in Trnava was renamed the Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of author
2002 - permanent exhibition of Ján Koniarek sculptures was opened in a new annex building of Koppel villa of Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava
2007 - the monograph Sculptor Ján Koniarek was published and a new permanent exposition Ján Koniarek – founder of modern Slovak sculpture was opened in a new pavilion of Koppel villa GJK in Trnava

2007 - Bartošová,Z.; Belohradská, Ľ.; Rajčevič, U.; Kuracinová Valová, M.: Sochár Ján Koniarek; GJK Trnava a Trnavské fórum ´89, 200 s.
1955 - Štefúnko, F.: Ján Koniarek: Črty o jeho živote a diele, SVKL Bratislava, 201 s.
1944 - Vaculík, K.: Koniarek, SSVU Bratislava


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