Jan Koniarek Gallery in Trnava

Vybrané diela zo zbierok GJK

Cyprián Majerník


oil, canvas, 32,2 × 69 cm, Signed bottom right: Majerník 39, purchased in 1980, inv. č. O 208

The Bullfight painted in the 1939 – 1944 period is considered the culmination of Majerník’s achievements. It was created under the pressure of the tragic events of the war, particularly under a direct impact of the Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939). In this period Majerník frequently examined the themes of violence and murder (Embrace, Murder of Innocents, Bullfight; all in 1936, SNG). A recurrent motif features wrestling scenes from the Spanish bullfight (Spanish Toreador, 1936; Bullfight, 1937). The horizontally arranged scene of the Bullfight shows three matadors and a bull against the neutral sand colour background of the bullring. The picture depicts the final stage of the performance: two matadors on the left lure the bull with red mullets and the toreador standing on the right plants the banderillas in the neck of the exhausted bull. Even this classy “killing game” reflects the tragedy of times and the civilian and artistic attitude of the young painter.

Vlado Beskid

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