Jan Koniarek Gallery in Trnava

Vybrané diela zo zbierok GJK

Július Koller

Question Mark

latex paint, paper, 36,5 x 29 cm, Signed bottom centre J.K., purchased from private owner 2009, inv. č. G 3492

The Question Mark is a characteristic example of Koller’s concept of art penetrating into everyday life, creating special cultural situations. The elementary visual symbol of the question mark in white on the surface of a padded H18 envelope features a condensed form of visual communication and the definition of a special “anti-picture”. This laconic “zero” gesture also points to Koller’s way of dealing with his training and problematizing the medium of painting. Since the end of the 1960s, the artist has developed his own multi-layered system of visual symbols for the transmission of ideas and data (texts, question mark, wave line, sine wave, horizontal figure eight, ellipse, grid, etc.). However, over the years the question mark became the ultimate visual symbol of his exploration, the critical attitude and questioning of the world, of the system and art itself (Question Mark, 1969; Current Cultural Situation, 1990, both SNG Bratislava).

Filip Krutek

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