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Current events
do 03.10.2021 18:00, Koppelova vila
VýstavaTalking Hands
(fotografia, inštalácia, maľba, and objekt)

do 31.12.2021 00:00, Koppelova vila
Stála expozíciaPortrait Gallery
(fotografia and maľba)

Upcoming events

Permanent expositions

Education programs


Education programs for schools.


Summer in the gallery

Creative workshops and art creation to actual exhibitions according to interest of schools are periodically realised in Koppel villa of Jan Koniarek Gallery. Gallery cooperates with Department of art pedagogy of Trnava University by realising educational activities. Comments to actual exhibitions and creative workshops are organised only for groups.

Periodical events

Trnava Poster Triennial

Since 1991 the TPT Competition and its accompanying events have been following the latest trends and history of poster and related visual disciplines.

Scooter – Young Art Biennial

is a show of incoming artist generation till 35 years.

OZNAM: Z dôvodu rekonštrukcie autobusovej stanice na Zelenom kríčku prosíme návštevníkov, aby používali vchod od Františkánskej ulice.