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Exhibition title: POINT OF VIEW
Project concept: Mária Čorejová, Michaela Rázusová Nociarová
Accompanying project: Dušan Barok
Exhibition design: Ľubomír Nosko
Curator: Ivana Moncoľová
Opening: July 20 2006 at 6.00 p.m., Synagogue – Centre of Contemporary Art, Halenárska ul. 2, Trnava
Duration: 20. 7. – 20. 8. 2006


The idea of the exhibition project POINT OF VIEW originated almost a year ago, in August 2005. The concept had been developing from the first meeting of the authors of the project with the curator. Both the authors of the project agreed that they wanted to have varied viewpoints on women and wanted the viewer to perceive the show this way as well. The exhibition project is actually an in-situ installation prepared for the exhibition space of the Galéria Jána Koniarka, a former Jewish Synagogue. In their installation and painting the artists decided to focus of their situations and experiences. 

Viewpoint of Mária Čorejová
Mária Čorejová in her in-situ installation offers her viewpoint on woman in relation with family as well as on cohabitation of women. Historical painting of The Virgin and Child with St. Ann and John by Leonardo da Vinci is shown in analysed form of 500 pixels (digital print). Each pixel becomes an image of its own. Their relations and compositions and the way they are consequently arranged in space create several frames consisting of these images of separate digital pixels. The whole image is created in the viewer’s eye from one point only. In-situ installation greatly enhances exhibition design by Ľubomír Nosko.


Viewpoint of Michaela Rázusová Nociarová
Michaela Rázusová Nociarová’s painting is placed above the cubic space of the Synagogue entrance (narthex). The painting (probably combined with drawing) is spread throughout the floor in 25 m². (The visitors are allowed and invited to walk the painting). The artist by the painting shows her own room in one specific moment. It is viewed from the point where she used to breastfeed her first child during 13 months. Maternity as a means of showing intimacy is closely connected with the subject and subjectivity and is for the artist equally natural as breathing. Michaela Rázusová Nociarová intentionally chose the space of the upper women’s gallery which in the past used to be in Jewish Synagogues and some Christian churches a place for women and children. Similarly to her colleague, the artist shows her point of view, thus creating narration connected with particular space – in this case an illusive space on her painting.

Viewpoint of Ivana Moncoľová, the curator
With the semantic level of this project based on social relations, the space serves to indicate intimacy: maternity, partnership, womanhood/manhood and friendship. Legitimacy of gender studies being a part of new history of art or history of art as accessory to visuality have become significant in the works of Slovak art after 2000.
The artists manifest their friendship as something worth to be shown in their works (realised projects Common Level / Spoločná hladina). Their collaboration therefore implies possible development of their creative relationship. Their friendship seems crucial for their work: they collaborated even on their diploma work entitled From my reality to your Picture / Od mojej reality k tvojmu obrazu (2000). Their friendship and declaration of double subject is also visible in later project Common Level 3 / Spoločná hladina 3 (2002, loop). Mária Čorejová chose to reassess iconographic and quite stable representation of The Virgin and Child with St. Ann and John – based on relationship of the mother (St. Ann) with her daughter (Mary) depicted as young mother with her child (Jesus). The semantic level of this image and its original meaning is in Čorejová’s painting repressed, whereas prominence gain gender studies of today’s visuality. Čorejová rather than depicting these women as object chose to harmonise her subject with the theme. Čorejová’s progressive work with the subject and with the scattered subject is significant especially in the project Common Level 4 / Spoločná hladina 4. When depicting the Virgin and Child with St. Ann and John, the artist wanted the viewer to see the unstableness between the object and the subject, which is enhanced by the formal aspect of fragmented digital print. Reassessment of this established iconographic development also implies criticism of the Cartesian model of thinking, which belittled the contact surface between „I“ and the world. It is also a critique and a reassessment of the Cartesian incorporeal, indifferent and dominating subject that heavily influenced art-historian discourse where it had been interpreted as God-inspired creator or producer of art.
Thus the artist and subject at the same time will dictate legibility from one point only – the artist’s point of view.
Subject / I / incorporeal I, in case of the illusive painting by Michaela Rázusová Nociarová even missing body (in her room) are the common grounds for both these projects.

Accompanying viewpoint of Dušan Barok
Dušan Barok is a webpage designer and also an author of various net.art projects. He prepared for the exhibition project POINT OF VIEW software installation consisting of texts written for the space of the Synagogue – Centre of Contemporary Art run within the Galéria Jána Koniarka. He used both curator and popularised texts, but also texts that were published in press media and professional writings on both the artists – Mária Čorejová and Michaela Rázusová Nociarová. Combinations of randomly generated curators’ texts allow for formation of random text patterns and their consequent print.
Ivana Moncoľová

Mária Rišková, Marián Lukačka, Karmen Koutná, Matej Rázus, Emília Moncoľová, Nociar family, Čorej family, Vlado Beskid, Katarína Balážiková, Jana Geržová, Zora Rusinová, Saša Gojdičová, Slávo Krekovič, employees of the Galéria Jána Koniarka

The project is supported by:
Trnavský samosprávny kraj/ Self-Governmental Unit of Trnava, Galéria Jána Koniarka, o.z. NADA, Ministerstvo kultúry SR/ Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, Vydavateľstvo Tympanon, Bittner s.r.o., 13 kubíkov, MOD Vlčkovce

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Profil súčasného výtvarného umenia, Dart, Nota Bene


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