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from the conceptual to the post-conceptual text


Exhibition opening: June, 25 2009 at 6 p. m.

 Duration of the exhibition: June, 25 – August, 30 2009

 Place: Gallery of Ján Koniarek in Trnava, Koppl’s Villa

 Curator of the exhibition: Roman Gajdoš


Participating artists: Stano Filko, 1937 (SK), Július Koller, 1939-2007 (SK), Václav Stratil, 1950 (CZ), Blažej Baláž, 1958 (SK), Emese Benczúr, 1969 (HU), Jan Šerých, 1970 (CZ), Viktor Frešo, 1974 (SK)




Blažej Baláž, 1958: BESTEHLEN, 2009, acrylic on canvas



The project INTERTEXT presents different levels of conceptual and post-conceptual thinking in Central Europe. This exhibition brings a radical reduction of the image space, in which the text itself becomes the main visual figure, as the principle of image content. Artworks of the participating artists are mostly defined by this phenomenon, which is one of the basic principle of the post-conceptual attitude. Thus, this project follows a very specific type of artistic expression, which should move toward the different ways of texting, from the classical concept of the 60s to the contemporary post-conceptual tendencies (conceptual text, different levels of the neo-conceptual or post-conceptual text – simultaneous text, intertext, outtext) and also show the widespread possibilities of the linguistic work with the visuality and content. A language is becoming the main code of communication, common starting point and bridge between the text and image.

This exhibition is targeting on the work with the text in tautological intentions of conceptualism on one side (Július Koller, Stano Filko), on the other side brings the later strategies of post- and neo-conceptual thinking, these are not giving up its artistic form despite the reduction of the main idea, but they enrich the form by visuality (Emese Benczúr), or a return to the expression in painting is followed by them, such as the re-action of the author’s hand into the simultaneous text (Blažej Baláž). The same importance is given to the new defined levels of persiflage, which are characteristic by the certain form of ironical point of view (Václav Stratil, Viktor Frešo), such as the minimized visuality mentioning the classical concept and its colorscale (Jan Šerých).

The exhibition is also varying from the generation point of view – from the beginners of the conceptual art in the worldwide context (Július Koller, Stano Filko and theirs participation on the well-known exhibition „Global Conceptualism : Points of Origin 1950–1980“ in 1999, Queens Museum of Art, New York) and artists of the middle generation (Václav Stratil, Blažej Baláž belonging to the second or third wave of the post-conceptual tendencies in Czech and Slovak context) to the young generation (Emese Benczúr, Jan Šerých, Viktor Frešo).





Jan Šerých, 1970: Telephone Number of a Celebrity, but I Dont  Know Which(0042060 235 10 10), 2007, acrylic on canvas


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