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in works of artists related to Trnava self-governing region in collections of regional galleries
Place: Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava; Koppel villa; Zelený kríček 3
Exhibition curator: PhDr. Štefan Zajíček
Duration: 6 October – 21 December 2011
Exhibition is extending to 26 February 2012.


Dóka Jozef st., Abstraction II., 1993, oil on canvas, O 549

At the occasion of 10th anniversary of regional self-governments establishment Ján Koniarek Gallery and Záhorie Gallery Senica prepared a common exhibition called “Metamorphoses of Slovak Modernism Values“ in artworks of the artists connected with Trnava self-governing region in collections of regional galleries.
The exhibition presents a selection of collection funds of both galleries in Trnava self-governing region and it is divided into two parts. The first part is a presentation of the production of older generation artists connected in various ways with Trnava self-governing region in the time period from the 20th century until approximately its first half representing classical values of Slovak contemporary modern art. The second part of the exhibition presents contemporary art. Among the oldest artists there are famous authors belonging to a fruitfull 20th century of Slovak artistic development in the area of modern sculpture. The representative of Slovak modern sculpture founders is J. Koniarek and the generation of 1909 is represented by F. Štefunko, V. Vavro, J. Jurča. The sculptors and medal- makers Š. Belohradský, W. Schiffer are well-known among the younger artists as well as M. Flajžík from the younger generation. In particular, in the last twenty years a wide range of creative programs was developed in the area of intermedial conceptual art of the objects and installations which are connected with modern trends abroad represented by several authors such as S. Ilavský B. Baláž, M. Baláž, J. Dudáš, M. Mikula, E. Vargová and I. Németh. The generation of the authors- founders of the 20th century painting is represented by G. Mallý, J. Koreszka, J. Alexy. In Piešťany it was A. Kajlich who worked there. Leading personality of a Prague part of the next numerous generation of 1909 coming from the Trnava region is C. Majerník whereas J. Mudroch represented its Bratislava part. The next generation is represented by mature programmes of O. Bartošíková- an author of still lives and figures and by a landscape painter M. Velba. In opposition to a previous regime an extensive work of a priest T. Tekel was shaped. A. Klimo responded to constructive trends and J. Filo developed figural creation in a photographic realism. At the beginning of the 70 -ties of the last century a wide creative exhibition activity was developed by a group of painters of I. Dulanský, Ľ. Hološka, B. Bača intensely captivated by color, shape and line. Artistic expression of a southern landscape can be found in works by R. Almási. Among the graphic artists it was Grečner, S. Dusík, J. Dusík and from the younger generation it was M. Komáček who set up in broader scope by a fantasy depiction of contemporary life. In the broader area of a commercial art there was J. Dóka jr., J. Dóka sr. and S. Dusík who devoted himself to book illustrations. Manifold form of ceramics expression is characterized by works of M. Balgavý sr., M. Polonský, J. Sušienka and from younger representatives of wide area of pottery by R. Malacký. Glass works is represented by M.Balgavý jr. In the field of artistic photography there are three specific photography groups of the region especially in Trnava, Senica and in Galanta including the artists J. Náhlik, P. Pecha and the others.
Department of Art at the Trnava University played its role in the artistic life in the Trnava region. Museums, education centres, houses of culture an many events such as the “Statue of the Piešťany Parks”, “Triennial of Trnava Poster” or “Triennial of Art School Students” called the “Gifts” in Senica have played their specific roles in the process of foundation of galleries in Trnava (1976) and in Senica (1984) and presentation of the fine art. Artistic events are documented by regular exhibitions of non-professional fine art and photographic works as well as works by children. The exhibition is opened in the Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava from 6 October 2011 to 21 December 2011.


The exhibition Sculptor Ján Koniarek was closed.


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