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Miroslav Trubač: J.R.D. (Home Made)

Author, exhibition title: Miroslav Trubač: J.R.D. (Home Made)
Venue: Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava, Synagogue – Center of Contemporary Art, Halenárska 2, Trnava
Curator: Roman Popelár
Opening: 09.04. 2015 (Thursday), 18:00
Duration: 09.04.2015 (Thursday) – 10.05.2014 (Sunday)


This is the author´s second solo exhibition but it is his first extensive work presentation since graduation from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in 2011. On the one hand, Miro Trubač (born in 1986 in Trnava) is a local – regional artist, on the other hand, the nature of his sculptural work goes well beyond the region. In his work, we can see paradoxes, irony and sometimes even sarcastic humor. His topics originate from local environment, vicinity, but also from the collective past or present. And that relates to all of us. In his artistic creation he likes playing with meanings and interpretations. Even the title „Home Made“ speaks of the young artist´s position in the Slovak society: do it yourself, at home, at your expense... As a part of his irony he also used the acronym of "JRD" (which stands for the „Slovak Jednotné roľnícke družstvo“ – Co-operative farm ), now almost forgotten name for state organizations used a long time ago, in times when the author was born, for regional agricultural centers functioning (among other things) on the basis of mutual cooperation of members or their mutual interdependence at work.

For the Synagogue – Center of Contemporary Art of the Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava the author prepared a completely new, so far not presented collection of figural compositions he has been working on the last two years. His mostly chamber creation is based on social paradox; dynamics of his figural compositions is „frozen“ in time. The story is supported by a strong coloration of themes with self-sustaining features: gestures, grimaces, composition layout and overall expression. The figural cycle will be displayed in the lower part of the premises. On the Synagogue´s first floor the author will present a selection of his sculptural concepts in the form of photographs, a short video or computer animation to complete the picture of the author´s thinking, of his approach to creation.

Project J.R.D. (Home Made) summarily tells about one of the artists of the Trnava youngest generation of artists. His exhibition symbolically closes another chapter of modern history of the Synagogue as a center of contemporary art. After the exhibition the premises shall undergo a comprehensive refurbishment and will be closed for a longer period of time.

Roman Popelár

Mgr. art. Miroslav Trubač
*1986, Trnava

2005 - 2011 Academy of Fine Art and Design in Bratislava, Department of Sculpture /Object/ Installation, doc. Patrik Kovačovský and Prof. Jozef Jankovič, acad. sculptor
2001 - 2005 School of Applied Arts of Josef Vydra, Bratislava, specialization in monumental masonry

Additional education
2008 state examination – teacher training course
2007 semestral internship, Prof. Berdyszak, Prof. Petruk, Prof. Draskiewicz, ASP Poznan, Poland

Exhibitions and Symposia
2015 Trenčín 2014, selection of contemporary Slovak chamber sculpture, M. A. Bazovský Gallery, Trenčín
2014 Space & Co., Gagarinka Gallery, Bratislava (collective exhibition)
2012 Disegno Interno (sculptural concepts), Umelka Gallery, Bratislava
David Černý (CZ), Géza Szöllösi (H), Miro Trubač (SK), Katarína Galović Gáspár (SK), Julie Haluzová (CZ), collective exhibition, River Gallery, Bratislava
2011 RUKY / HANDS – nomadic, sociological laboratory Outdoor Gallery, Nitra
Sculpture and Object XVI., International Sculpture Exhibition, Bratislava – Piešťany
Diploma thesis presentation – RUKY / HANDS, Apollo BC – atrium, Bratislava
Bipolar correlation, klUb 3, Ján Koniarek Gallery, Trnava (solo exhibition)
2010 XLIII.
Painter´s Palette 2010, Western Slovakia Museum in Trnava
2009 Čas / Time, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague, CZ
Young Art Show 2, House of Arts, Piešťany
Laskonka, Ján Koniarek Gallery, Trnava (within the festival With Hands and Heart ´09 Voderady)
2008 IV. collective exhibition of the Fine Arts students , House of Arts, Piešťany
Polireakcje 2007, Galeria Parter, Lodź, PL (colletive exhibtion)
III. collective exhibition of Fine Arts students, House of Arts, Piešťany
2007 IX. international student symposium WOOD ´07, Zlín, CZ
IV. international student sculpture symposium, Orońsko, PL
O sebe v sebe / About Ourselves In Ourselves, 35 mm Gallery, Bratislava (collective exhibition of sculpture students)
2006 Sympózium v kameni / Symposium in Stone, Králiky pri Banskej Bystrici
Figurama ´06, Bratislava
2005 75th anniversary of the School of Applied Arts of Josef Vydra, Bratislava(exhibition)


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