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The exhibition was closed on 16th August, 2015.


Treasure of Slovakia

Classic Slovak art of the 20th century



still exposition Treasure of Slovakia

On 22nd November 2007 two new gallery expositions were opened in Koppel villa of GJK. Atypical architectural and exhibition solution of building (coloured background, texts, spatial structure and lightening) create an interesting base for a new perception and reading of Slovak art development on the selected profile. Expositions of such orientation create a new museum platform and natural balance of gallery exhibition strategy which program-focuses on the presentation of contemporary visual culture. Gallery thereby watches strengthening its image of institution which collects artworks and gets closer to the widest range of visitors.



exhibition Treasure of Slovakia

First permanent gallery exposition called Treasure of Slovakia – Classic Slovak art of the 20th century is situated on the first floor of Koppel villa.

It is an introduction of the golden fund of the gallery mainly from the years 1900 – 1960 in the medium of painting and sculpture. Exposition presents in each blocks both classical themes and genres of this period (landscape-painting, still life, portrait, ethnographic figural compositions) and presents names of Slovak traditional art from the classics of the interwar art (Miloš Alexander Bazovský, Martin Benka, Janko Alexy, Vincent Hložník) to the post-war generation of Galanda group (Milan Paštéka, Vladimír Kompánek, Milan Laluha).

Special attention is given to the important regional artists (Cyprián Majerník, Ernest Špitz, Teodor Tekel). Sculpture of this time is represented by Fraňo Štefunko, Jozef Kostka, Rudolf Uher, Ľudovít Pollák and others.

Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava wants to declassify classic form of the last century Slovak art to the general public and allow better orientation in the development of individual styles, genres and authors programs. Both permanent expositions provide more space for several forms of educational activities.


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